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Request biological samples
How can I find biological samples for my research project?
Search samples by pathology in the Catalog of biobanks (use Advanced search)
How can I request biological samples?
For the process and request form, please click here. The request form is also available on the top button.
How much do samples cost?
To promote partnerships between BCRs and sample requesters, as well as transparency, BIOBANQUES implemented a tarification grid to evaluate cost. This grid is based on objective international criteria and offers 3 billing levels corresponding to 3 levels of partnerships.
How does it take to receive my samples?
Following reception and validation of your request form, BIOBANQUES sends it to its network. Response times from BRCs can vary. We however closely follow up with centers of our network (phone, email, request at European level if necessary) in the following month to ensure that you promptly receive your samples for your research project.
How can BIOBANQUES help me?
When requesting biological samples, BIOBANQUES can also provide you with Ethics and Regulatory services to facilitate all the steps necessary for accessing samples (Material Transfer Agreement, partnership contract, ethics questions, international laws,…) BIOBANQUES can offer you several expert services and technical platforms for setting up all the steps of your research project. Contact us for more information.